Corner windows with various angles -Corner Windows

In this entry we would like to present families intended for design of corner windows located in walls at various angles to each other. Below we can see an example of corner window assembly built from various components. We can differentiate typical single casement windows and dedicated corner post family. Beside such types of assemblies […]

Dynamo – Door Segregation Code -Door Segregation Dyn

A new door segregation dynamo script has been added to our template. It segregates doors according to their instance parameters. This automation tool goal is to allow creating complex door schedules directly in revit. Our door families might contain extremely many configuration regarding their instance parameters. For example doorset might have different leaf or frame […]

Work Plane-Based Families and Rotate Project North Workaround -RotateGenModels

Work Plane-Based Families Rotate Project North does not affect families with checked Work Plane-Based setting. In this short entry I’d like to show a workaround to the problem of using rotate Project North function on a model including work Plane-Based families. Sample furniture library file After executing rotate Project North function, we will receive numerous […]

New Revit Installation setup -Install

New Revit Installation or Upgrade Usually after installing new software we start exploring new features right away. Then we open a project to see how it looks and start working after file upgrade leaving behind all the software setup. Most of the time such behaviour won’t cause a disaster. However it might affect your design […]

Welcome to Parametric Warehouse Blog - WelcomeBlog en

As a team of architects we are implementing and improving design procedures. Main field of our expertise is Autodesk Revit. Over many years of proffessional engagement with various projects we established sophisticated methods and standards of work organization in Revit environment. Our blog is meant to be a place where we can share our knowledge, […]