In this entry we would like to present families intended for design of corner windows located in walls at various angles to each other. Below we can see an example of corner window assembly built from various components. We can differentiate typical single casement windows and dedicated corner post family.

Beside such types of assemblies our libraries include corner window families used in glass to glass corner types. In this case window set is built from two components. Both of them have a dedicated parameter controlling the corner cut angle which allows for their matching. In following chapters we will describe how these families work and operate.

Window assemblies with corner post

To create a corner window assembly we need to setup a corner post comopnent first. We must input a set of geometry parameters identical to ones used in window families. There are two basic types of posts. Type A with minimum geometry and Type B with additional segment on both sides.

Parameter functionality description

Angle – angle between two walls. Depending on corner type we measure the value on the inside or on the outside. Range is between 0 and 180 degrees.
Post Profile Depth – identical to Frame Profile Depth in window families.
Leg1/2 Width – drives the width of the segment between the post and the window frame.
Post Height – post height should equal to total window frame height
Frame Profile Gap Bottom/ Top – identical parameters to those existing in window families.
Void Ext/ Int Pos 1 – void range parameter. Should be adjusted depending on wall and window geometry.

Besides type parameters, we must also take care of the instance ones. Below is a description of their functionality:

Offset – built-in revit parameter. Should be equal to window Sill Height parameter.
Corner Outside Type Flip – according to provided graphic outside corner window should have the parameter set to Yes. In case of inside corners value should be set to No. This parameter controls the side of the geometry cutting void location.
Wall Exterior Wrap Bottom / Top – this values control the geometry cutting voids identical to ones in window families.

In corner window assemblies sills must be added as a separate components. Sills nested in the window families must be turned off because their geometry can’t be adjusted to such configuration. To simplify the process of placing of the sills a dedicated corner window sill family was created. These parameters allow proper placing of such elements.

Sill Depth i Thickness – geometry parameters
Offset – elevation measured to the top face
Corner Angle – identical to wall setup
Segment A (B) Length – particular sill segment length

Geometry instance parameters can be adjusted with dynamic arrows what significantly improves their geometry and position setup.

Examples presented below include configurations made from basic window types. Thanks to corner post families we can create assemblies made of various complex window types from the library. It can be 3 to 4 pane windows, sets with additional top and bottom glass panes or sliding windows.

Glass to glass corner windows

Glass to glass corner windows are made of dedicated window families: WDW_Corner_AllGlass_Sgl_Fixed, WDW_Corner_AllGlass_Dbl. These families have identical parameters to ones used in typical windows. One side of the frame is cut at an angle. Corner Angle value should correspond to the angle between the walls.

Depending on the corner type the Corner Angle value should be set according to the angle between the walls measured on the inside. Graphics below describe the issue.

Outside corner type – value 0<a<180. Geometry has its limitations therefore values should not meet the limits.

Outside corner – value 180<a<360. Geometry has its limitations therefore values should not meet the limits.

Depending on the Corner Angle and wall thickness Void Ext Depth and Void Int Depth parameters should be set accordingly. They control the depth of the wall cutting void. In most of the cases standard setting should be appropriate. Only in very narrow window setup these parameters should be adjusted.