A new door segregation dynamo script has been added to our template. It segregates doors according to their instance parameters. This automation tool goal is to allow creating complex door schedules directly in revit.

Our door families might contain extremely many configuration regarding their instance parameters. For example doorset might have different leaf or frame finishes on either sides, various lock types, closers, handles or handrails or other equipment. In revit you can’t sort by more than 15 parameters which is more less the amount of features that can be aplied to our door families.

Briefly we can say that the script is searching the whole model for doors of same type with exactly same equipment ( left or right direction parameter is omitted). Then adding an unique ordinal number in dedicated parameter which can be used for sorting the schedule.

After running the script each doorset will receive an unique number in PRW_Segregation_Code parameter. While setting up the schedule first sort by Type Mark or Keynote whichever method you’re using in your current project. Next level of sorting should be set to PRW_Segregation_Code. Of course Itemize every instance should be turned off. Below is an example of schedule properties setup. These settings will allow to sequentially list all the doors of each type.

This screenshot below shows how different types of finish of the same doors are listed in the schedule. Full list of parameters checked by the script can be checked in the Dynamo editor. It is possible to modify types of parameters utilized in the script.

Script is available in our template dynamo section. In case of introducing any major changes to the door families dynamo script will be adjusted accordingly. Shortly we will also provide its description in our manual nonetheless its usage is straightforward so it shouldn’t cause any problems.