Architectural Revit

The content of the Parametric Warehouse package covers a wide range of solutions related to architectural design in Revit environment. Product includes one year subscription providing support, constant updates, and new additional content.



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Complete Solution

We offer a complete standarized solution for your practice. Architectural Template covers several aspects including design procedures, Revit predefined settings and component libraries. From naming conventions, folder structure and model organization to all-in-one advanced components with dedicated parameters.



Template is organized with focus on ease of use and configuration. Basic collection includes many building elements. Allowing the designer to minimize the necessity of using components from external sources.
Model consistency is assured by specification parameters that are interconnected with geometry and other aspects of particular element.



Lifetime license of the whole package contents can be utilized in design process without any limitations.
As a part of subscription service each user can apply for additional components to be added to the template libraries. If during the design process it turns out that you need additional typical elements*, we will create them for you.

*Subject to availability.

name About the product

Versatile configuration possibilities.

Our solutions enable creation of a vast number of building component types. Parametric families include parameters controlling various aspects of the element. From its overall size to detailed dimensions and attached equipment.

Component of different categories provide numerous ways of modification. Families are optimized in size and operation time to obtain efficient working experience.

Contact us to preview component libraries.

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As consultants, we supply Bim solutions in architectural offices in which our procedures and component libraries are implemented. The use of the template streamlines the process of implementing Revit software by minimizing the time spent on content development.

Provided families cover a wide range construction products thanks to its diverse ways of modification. Constantly developed libraries allow for a seamless design process.

name Numbers

name Numbers

Around 400 parametric families from various categories.

Dozens of detail and drafting elements.

Around 130 shared parameters controlling functionality of components of all categories.

Numerous predefined filters, schedules and visual styles.

Many sample basic revit elements.

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Package includes a digital copy of Parametric Warehouse User Manual. It contains detailed descriptions of component functionality, design procedures and Revit environment working standards.

Besides that users gain access to a series of video tutorials describing a wide range of template and design process issues.

name Cloud-based Service

name Cloud-based Service

The template content is provided throught cloud-based service. Real time update allows for instant access to up to date components and materials.

License can be asigned to employees and managed on our website in the customer dashboard.

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