Work Plane-Based Families

Rotate Project North does not affect families with checked Work Plane-Based setting. In this short entry I’d like to show a workaround to the problem of using rotate Project North function on a model including work Plane-Based families.

Sample furniture library file

After executing rotate Project North function, we will receive numerous warnings and errors. All the families with Work Plane-Based function checked will not rotate and might behave in an unexpected way, even shifting its position.

Work Plane-Based families after rotate Project North

So why we should even consider using work plane-based families? I’ve asked myself this question numerous times. In the end I’ve decided to stick with this setting as it allows me to control and tag the elevation of the elements, copy or group them without issues. Besides that face based families will change its position if somebody moves the wall, floor or other elements on which the family was placed. Such behaviour is very difficult to control in large projects where many people are working on the model.

Work Plane-Based family

Workaround/ solution

What to do if we need to Rotate the Project North in a project with numerous Work Plane-Based families? Changing all the families is not an option. Rotating them one by one would be a disaster. The only solution that works on most of the models is to select all the families that are Work Plane-Based and make a Group out of them.

Easiest way to do it is to select all of the categories in which those types of families are located and Create Group. Filter function is helpful as always.

Filter and create a Group

Model with grouped components after Rotating Project North behaves as expected. All the elements rotate properly. Its position is retained. No warnings were reported after the command. After successful rotation just Ungroup the previously created Model Group.

Properly rotated model

When using Phases or Design Options please remember to group elements located there as well. It’s easy to forget about them.

In more complex models creating one huge group including all of the families might be problematic. In such situation first of all create a 3d view only with categories which might include Work Plane-Based families. Then try to filter the components to exclude all the hosted and face based ones. If this doesn’t help and you can’t create a group out of them try selecting by certain categories. This will allow to filter the more problematic ones out.

Hope you’ll find this article helpful.